Barona 1/8 Mile Drags
Located on the Barona Indian Reservation, just 5 miles north of the Barona Casino, outside of San Diego, CA, this 1/8 Mile dragstrip is an NHRA sanctioned track and home to some of the best racers on the West Coast!
Barona 1/8 Mile Drags started as a sand drag strip. Paved and converted to a 1/8 mile drag strip, it is your local place to race!

Offering such racing events as Street Legal Friday Nights, NHRA Summit Series, Crower Cup Series, Renegade Bracket races and much more! Come learn how to bracket race in our Renegade series. We are a family here at Barona and we will help you learn.

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Street Legal Friday Nights
Racers are allowed to race their daily drivers on the Strip.

ALL RACERS MUST HAVE LONG PANTS, CLOSED TOE & HEEL SHOES, SOCKS, A T-SHIRT WITH SLEEVES (SHORT SLEEVE OK, NO TANK TOPS), AND A HELMET! Tower has a limited number of helmets to borrow while on-site. All cars must pass tech inspection before being allowed to race.

NHRA Summit Racing Team Barona
Team Barona is in Division 7 of the Pacific ET NHRA Summit Racing Division

For more information, visit NHRA Pacific Division web site (
NHRA Jr. Drags Summit Racing Team Barona

One of the great things about the NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League is that boys and girls of all ages can join! You don't have to race to be part of the scene. However, to actually drive a Jr. Dragster, you must be 5 to 17 years old. You can belong to the NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League as either a non-driving MEMBER or a driver/PARTICIPANT.
For more information, visit Jr. Drag Racing League (

Renegade Bracket Series
Electronic and Non-Electronic race brackets. Run for the Money and Gambler! Come visit us soon!

Crower Cup Series
Non-electronic bracket racing series. Run for the Money and Gambler! Come visit us soon!

RPM Barona Drags
RPM Barona Drags, an offshoot of the ever-so-popular RPM Nationals Flathead Drags, the annual event was held at the Barona Drag Strip in San Diego County. RPM "You Asked For It" Drags, the event's official name, is open to cars 1940 and earlier with parts that are 1963 and earlier. Similar to RPM Nationals Flathead Drags with three new race classes

San Diego Antique Drags
When most people talk about antiques, they talk about rickety old grandfather clocks with faded wood grain, or a table with one missing leg, a huge crack down the center, but you can't throw it out because it's been in the family for over 100 years. But when we talk antiques at Barona 1/8th Mile Dragstrip, we're talking about cars from the 50s rocketing to over 100 MPH in the eighth mile.

Import Outlaws
San Diego's fastest imports all compete for a spot on this top 10 list.
How to make it on the Import Top 10 Outlaw List:
Every month the event will be held at Barona 1/8 mile drag strip. The top 10 event starts at 1:00 p.m. during a day time race. During night races, the event will start at 6:00 p.m. You are allowed to run test and tune anytime before the event starts.

1. Any import chassis with import motor transmission
2. Max tire size is 25"
3. Heads up pro tree light
4. Coin flip for lane choice
5. If you break or red light, you lose the race.
6. To move up the list, you have to make a call out to the racer directly above you at least two weeks before the next event. You must wager $50 for the race and if you win, you keep the money and take the spot. If you lose, you pay the $50 to the person you called out and you remain in your spot. If you lose, you cannot call this person back out the same day. The earliest you can race them is the next event. The person you call out does NOT have to wager any money if they do not want too.
7. If you change your chassis you need to start over on the list.
8. If you do not have a call out on you, you do not have to attend an event. However if you do attend anyways, you are open to a call out and must race that day if called out.
9. No person can lose more than 2 spots in one event. However, you can still be called out for the next event.
10. During the year, points will be offered to everyone on the list. Every race you win, no matter where you are on the list, you earn 10 points. At the end of 1 year, all top 3 point holders will receive parts and the #1 point holder will receive a trophy. All thanks to our great sponsors.

Track Rentals
We offer track rentals! From private test and tunes to events offered to the public and general racers. Please contact (619) 607-5449 for available dates and pricing. We also offer piggy-back opportunities for your local car clubs! Call today!